We currently have 12 locations across the UK. Our vision is to have 50 locations by 2025.

Check out the ‘Who are we?’ video below.

A message from our Founder

It has been amazing to constantly see new sites starting across the country. Our vision is to have 50 locations across the United Kingdom by 2025, developing over 500 volunteers and engaging with over 5000 young adults. Our team is currently planning events such as our annual tournament, BTG games and other festivals and activities so keep up to date and join us on this journey. If you want to partner with us to see 50 locations across the UK by 2025, find out more here.

What do we offer?

Bridge the Gap partners with churches in the United Kingdom. We then train up volunteers from the churches on how to Bridge the Gap between Church and Football for 18-30’s. Our programme consists of: running football community sessions, small focused groups, mentoring sessions, socials and events and Alpha courses. 

Who and why?

 Our main target audience is males between 18-30. With suicide, the most significant cause of death for males under 45 and 1 in 8 men experience mental health difficulties. Our aim is to create communities where men can come into a welcoming environment and feel like they are able to speak about their mental health, addictions and decrease social isolation. 

Bridge the Gap creates footballing communities that connect with young adults. Together we Build Friendships, Develop Leaders and Transform Lives.

Our vision is broken down into three pillars: